Community Moment: HS Internship Program

Community Moment: HS Internship Program

Community Moment
Bludworth Partners with High School Internship Program

Over the last year, it has been Bludworth Marine's pleasure to host a series of students from Robert Turner College and Career High School as paid interns at our Houston office. Two engineering students and one focused on computer sciences have had the opportunity to work with professionals in their respective fields.

Working with the students has proved to be a welcome shakeup from regular office life. Each student represents a unique perspective on life. Their diverse range of personalities has dispelled any theory that millennials are all the same.

Our first experience with the program involved the two engineering students whom took on the responsiblitiy of digitizing the commercial documents from our in-house engineering department. They gained valuable experience with the Microsoft Office suite as they sought out ways to work smarter. Under the direction of our professional engineer, they were introduced to what their future may entail. The picture above was done by one of the interns on a whiteboard and then digitized by the marketing department.

Currently, our computers are being serviced by an IT intern provided by Robert Turner College and Career High School in Pearland Texas. His responsiblities range from adjusting our VOIP phone settings to writing proposals for new hardware. So far, he is two for two on proposal acceptance. Among his various responsiblities resides the wiping and formating of electronics as we prepare them for sale or a new user. He has become quite an expert at that particular talent. Most recently, he has assisted in digitizing the thousands of business cards scattered around our project manger's office. While this sounds mundane, it will lead to better customer follow-up and vendor relations as the names and contact information is now only a few taps of the keyboard away.

There is always a bit of heartbreak as the student's near their high school graduation and prepare for college. We find that each student offer's their own small addition to our team which is missed when they leave. We will continue to support Rober Turner's internship program and are grateful for its existance.