Articulated Tug Barges

Articulated Tug-Barges (ATB) Connection System

ATB Design, Construction & Installation

Since the 1970s, Bludworth Cook Marine has provided design, construction, and installation of articulated tug barge (ATB) connection systems. For decades, Bludworth Marine has led the field in ATB applications in the United States. Our decades of tug and barge construction, design and installation operational experience offers a unique position of experience in the market. No one in the industry has the combination of experience we offer with both the Bludworth Cook Marine Flexible ATB Connection System and the Taisei Articouple and TrioFix ATB connection systems.

Triofix & Articouple ATBs

The performance & durability of the Taisei Engineering ATB connector systems is unmatched Read More »

Bludworth Cook Marine ATB

For decades Bludworth Marine had lead the field in US ATB applications. Read More »

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