Articulated Tug Barge

Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) Design, Construction & Installation

Bludworth Marine is the industry leader in the design, construction, and installation of articulated tug barge (ATB) connection systems.

A barge is defined as a marine vessel that is used to carry cargo.  Barges are not independent boats or vessels, and they must be tugged or towed along by other vessels in the water.  Since the Industrial Revolution, barges have been used for cargo transportation in the United States. 

To understand an articulated tug barge, one must first understand its predecessor, the integrated tug barge (ITB).  An integrated tug/barge features a rigid connection between the tug and barge, which essentially creates one unit.  In an articulated tug barge, the tug and barge have an articulated or hinged connection, which allows for separate movement between the two parts.  

Since the 1970s, Bludworth Marine has led the field in ATB applications in the United States.  Our decades of tug and barge construction, design, and installation experience give us a unique position in the market.  Bludworth Marine offers two types of articulated tug barges: the Bludworth Cook Marine Flexible ATB Connection System and the Taisei Articouple and TrioFix ATB connection systems.

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Triofix & Articouple ATBs

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Bludworth Cook Marine ATB

For decades Bludworth Marine had lead the field in US ATB applications. Read More »

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