Articulated Tug Barge Systems (ATBs)

Bludworth Marine has established itself as the leading company for Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) systems, showcasing unparalleled expertise in designing, constructing, and installing ATBs. With a remarkable track record dating back to the 1970s, Bludworth Marine has consistently spearheaded innovation in the ATB industry. Their capabilities extend beyond mere manufacturing, encompassing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of their clients. Whether it's engineering cutting-edge designs, constructing robust vessels, or seamlessly integrating tug and barge units, Bludworth Marine's commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication has solidified its position as the go-to company for ATB systems.

What are ATBs?

Articulated Tug Barges (ATBs) are a specialized vessel configuration used for towing and transporting cargo. They consist of a tank vessel, known as a barge, and a robust and high-powered tugboat. The unique feature of ATBs is the presence of a notch in the stern of the barge, into which the tugboat fits. This arrangement allows the tug to effectively propel and maneuver the barge. Unlike Integrated Tug/Barge (ITB) systems, where the tug and barge are rigidly connected as a single unit, ATBs utilize an articulated or "hinged" connection system, providing flexibility and enhanced maneuverability between the tug and barge.

What are the advantages of an ATB?

Articulated Tug Barges (ATBs) offer several advantages over other vessel configurations in the maritime industry:

  • Increased maneuverability- The articulated connection between the tug and barge allows for enhanced maneuverability, making it easier to navigate through narrow waterways, congested ports, and challenging docking situations.
  • Improved Towing Efficiency- The placement of the tug in the notch of the barge provides a more direct towing force, resulting in increased propulsion efficiency.
  • Versatility- ATBs are adaptable and can accommodate different types of barges allowing for the transportation of various types of cargo.
  • Cost-effective operations- ATBs can operate with reduced crew sizes, further reducing personal expenses.
  • Safety and Reliability- ATB systems allow for better load distribution and improved stability during towing operations.
  • Modular Design- This enables efficient upgrades or replacements of individual components, enhancing the vessels longevity and adaptability.

Meet our ATBs

Since the 1970s, Bludworth Marine has led the field in ATB applications in the United States.  Our decades of tug and barge construction, design, and installation experience give us a unique position in the market.  Bludworth Marine offers two types of articulated tug barges: the Bludworth Cook Marine Flexible ATB Connection System and the Taisei Articouple and TrioFix ATB connection systems.

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Triofix & Articouple ATBs

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Bludworth Cook Marine ATB

For decades Bludworth Marine had lead the field in US ATB applications. Read More »

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