Gulf Coast Mobile Vessel Repair & Riding Crews

Gulf Coast Mobile Vessel Repair

When the situation permits, Bludworth Marine sends teams of riding crews to complete projects while the vessel remains afloat. This saves you the economic loss of downtime while the vessel waits for repair or modification. When the repairs are finalized, the team will exit the vessel at the next port and be on their way. Our mobile vessel repair teams are known for their top-notch, precise expertise and rapid response in the maritime industry.

Riding crews require experience and planning so that nothing is left ashore which would be needed for the project. From an anchor windlass to a diesel generator’s main seal, Bludworth has a proven track record of competency in this area. Common tasks completed underway are of the mechanical, weld, testing, and electrical variety. You can expect the teams we send are always specialized in these areas to the level of quality you have come to expect from Bludworth Marine.

Bludworth is capable of attending sea trials to provide guidance and technical support. We have a full arrangement of technical experts who can attend trials anywhere in the world. Our experience includes trials on USNS and USS vessels. You can rest easy knowing our crew has you taken care of.

You will find that while not all projects are a fit for a riding crew when the opportunity to take advantage of this service arises, it will save you critical time and money. In the event that the repair or modification is not one that fits your need, we have dry repair and topside facilities where we can take on any project.

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