New Ship Construction for Tug & Barge Marine Vessels

New Tug Barge Construction Texas


Get ready to experience top-quality new ship construction with Bludworth Marine! With decades of experience, our expertise and knowledge in new construction of tug and barge vessels are unmatched. We're dedicated to proving our product and productivity in marine vessel new construction. Our four shipyard locations along the Gulf Coast, in Texas & Louisiana, make us convenient and accessible.

We've designed and built a 1,000 ton Dry Dock in Orange, Texas, as well as a graving dock in Galveston, TX. Our specialty stainless steel acid barges, sand dredges, deck, hopper, bulk caustic, and petroleum liquid barge construction are unparalleled. Plus, we offer new tug and other steel commercial vessel construction services.

Trust us to build the perfect vessel for you. Contact us today to get started on your new barge, tug, or ship construction project. With Bludworth Marine, you'll get top-quality, durable vessels built to your specifications. Let us exceed your expectations!

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