Gulf Coast Dry Docks & Graving Docks

Texas Gulf Coast Dry Docking

Our out-of-water facilities in Galveston and Orange Texas are equipped to provide you with the services and repairs you need. We can accommodate vessels of various sizes and configurations. Our highly trained staff will have your boat or vessel delivered back to the water as soon as possible.

Dry docks and graving docks are often used for vessel repairs. Graving docks provide a confined basin that can be drained so the vessel can remain stationary in a dry environment while repairs are made. Once repairs within a graving dock are complete, the basin can be flooded once again and the vessel may return back to work. Dry docks achieve a similar objective by sinking below a vessel and then rising to the surface with the vessel on top.

Repairs and construction that take place in graving docks are ideal because these docks can be drained, leaving the vessel on a supportive structure for easy accessibility for repairs and construction. Bludworth has dry docks in the Houston, Galveston, and Golden Triangle area of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange, Texas. Our Orange facility is equipped with both a traditional 1,400 ton drydock and our unique AirLift™ Docking System. We have experienced crews that support the equipment and facilities to get marine vessels and ships working as quickly as possible.

Vessels We Service:

Dry Dock/Graving Dock Locations

Marine Blast and Paint Services

Bludworth Marine holds permits to provide blasting and painting services at our Galveston Graving Dock, Houston, and Orange shipyard locations. We can quickly get your project done with expertise and confidence.

AirLift™ Docking System

Bludworth Marine has provided a creative solution for bringing large vessels fully aground. The method we have employed is known as the AirLift™ Docking System. The system literally floats the vessel atop cushions of air protecting them from damage as we pull them onto dry land. With AirLift™, we can work around the vessel in ways that the wing walls of a traditional dry dock would prevent.

Gulf of Mexico Dry Dock & Graving Dock Repair Photos

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