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Full Service Automation Systems Modification

Troubleshoot - Design - Repair - Retrofit - Integrate - Calibrate - Maintain

Bludworth Marine’s Electrical Services Division can take any system that is outdated, lacks components, or requires further PLC system integration and engineer an efficient system that’s easier to service and customized to your vessel’s unique applications. If there’s a field device failure - a faulty pressure sensor, transducer malfunction, defective limit switch, or damaged photo eye- our team of marine electricians find the problem and fix it; if there are parts your ship needs that are no longer being manufactured, we will find and seamlessly retrofit a new part in its place; if there are SOLAS or Coast Guard regulatory concerns with your vessel's electrical systems, Bludworth Marine will quickly troubleshoot and solve the problem to ensure your vessel passes inspection and functions at its highest performance for years to come.

The Secret to our Fast, Efficient Turnarounds is Experience & Communication

Our chief ship & marine electrician, Garry Broussard, has a reputation in the marine vessel electrical repair industry for rapid, reliable on-board system solutions. With more than 40 years of Marine Electrical Systems experience- beginning with six years of service in the US Navy followed by PLC training from Allen Bradley- Garry has seen, and done, a lot: accessed numerous multinational drawings and blueprints of vessels, replaced generators and their automation systems, upgraded engineers’ alarm systems, and integrated countless electrical systems through switchboards and PLC consoles.

But what makes Garry one of the best Electrical Technicians in the industry is the relationship that he has with the vessels and vessel owners he works with.

At Bludworth, we take pride in how well we communicate with the people we work with. For instance, I see many customers that I’ve helped as friends of mine. After I service a vessel, I explain to the owners and operators, in the fullest detail, what caused the failure and what they can do to prevent it in the future. And if they ever have a question, they know they can call me and that I’ll be there to help. There aren’t very many ships that are the same; they may have been built by the same blueprint, they may have been built at the same shipyards, but they all have their very own quirks and characteristics, as do their owners- it’s what makes my job interesting and special” - Garry Broussard

Following is a short list of projects Bludworth Marine has worked on:

  • M/V American Tern – performed all phases of Engine Automation, Engineers Alarms system, Power management, SSDG maintenance, Ships dial telephone system, Sound Powered Phone system, Controllable Pitch Propeller, MSD system, Cathodic Protection System, Motor Controllers & Inverter drives, numerous dedicated PLC’s for individual systems, assisted in retrofit of new Gyro and Radar installations, Accommodations fire alarm system and then retrofitted a complete new fire alarm system, Cargo Hold smoke detecting system maintenance and then retrofitted a complete new smoke detection system, Main and Auxiliary switchboard repairs/retrofits/upgrades, Bow Thruster controls and motor maintenance.
  • M/V Bernard Fisher – retrofitted a complete new engineers alarm system from original GE circa 1976 to a new PLC 2001 model of same manufacture.
  • M/V Cormorant – semi submersible heavy lift. Serviced ballast and cargo pump systems with integrated List Control System, Bow Thruster Controls maintenance and upgrade/retrofit.
  • USNS Benevidas/USNS Bob Hope/USNS Fisher/USNS Pililau – various automation issues, communication issues, and motor controllers including Anchor Windlass, Bow Thrusters, Pump controllers, Engineer Alarms, Flooding alarms.

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