Crane Barge Repair

Bludworth Marine provides crane barge repair services across the Gulf Coast with multiple shipyards across Texas and Louisiana. Here at Bludworth Marine, we offer barge repair and deck barge construction services for both inland and offshore barges and vessels.

Crane Barges

A crane barge is also known as a crane vessel, deck barge or a floating crane. This is a ship with a crane that specializes in lifting heavy loads. These vessels are built specifically to accommodate large crane equipment for marine construction service work like heavy equipment handling, marine pipeline work, and many others. A normal crane barge can handle anywhere from 5 to over 1,000 tons of weight. Some of the largest crane vessels are often a catamaran or semi-submersible type as they have the most increased stability. These large crane vessels are usually used for offshore drilling.

Crain Barge Repair Services

Our repairs services include:

Our team of professionals specialize in topside, minor and major repairs for crane barges as well as barge conversions. In addition to crane barge repairs, we service a variety of barges including tank barges and dry cargo barges. Call us today for more information regarding our crane barge repair services. Emergency services available!

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