Inland Barges

With shipyards and dry dock locations across Texas & Louisiana, Bludworth Marine provides the industry's best inland barge repair and construction services. We pride ourselves on our expertise and affordable pricing. Able to commodate inland barges of varying sizes, Bludworth Marine's facilities feature dry docks in Orange and Galveston, Texas.

Unable to make it to one of our shipyards? No worries! Bludworth Marine offers mobile riding services, where we can send our team of experts out to your inland barge to fix any necessary repairs.

Experts in Inland Barge Repair

When repairing inland barges specifically, there are many factors that come into play. The process must pass inspection according to the Coast Guard’s rules and regulations. Various parts of the barge are inspected including unflanged plate floor frame repair, side chord inspects, spigot patches, and blige knuckles. Blige knuckles are highly stressed and are a critical aspect to longitudinal and overall strength of the barge. It is important to remember that blige knuckles can only be inspected on drydock.

Inland Barge Repair Services

  • Internal Structural Exam Repairs
  • Hull Re-Siding
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Work
  • Fracture Welding & Gouging
  • Topside Repairs
  • Barge Painting, Coatings & Tank Liners
  • Steel Replacement
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Piping Repairs
  • Barge Modifications

Inland Barges

Inland barges are primarily designed to operate on canals, rivers, bays, sounds and inland lakes, they provide the most economical mode of transportation for various high-density large volume or oversized cargo. These specific barges comprise the majority of barges that operate today on United States waterways. The different sizes of materials determine which inland barge will execute and transfer the materials. They are a very important part of the development of multiple communities & industries that rely on water transportation.

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